Yunbum Kook
Office: 2124 KACB
Email: yb.{last name} at gatech dot edu

I am a second-year PhD student in the School of Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology. I received my B.S. in Mathematical Sciences from KAIST. I am interested in sampling and theoretical aspects of machine learning.


Condition-number-independent Convergence Rate of Riemannian Hamiltonian Monte Carlo with Numerical Integrators
with Yin Tat Lee, Ruoqi Shen, Santosh S. Vempala

Sampling with Riemannian Hamiltonian Monte Carlo in a Constrained Space
with Yin Tat Lee, Ruoqi Shen, Santosh S. Vempala
NeurIPS 2022

Growth Patterns and Models of Real-world Hypergraphs
Jihoon Ko*, Yunbum Kook*, Kijung Shin
Knowledge and Information Systems, 2022

Vertex Sparsification for Edge Connectivity
with Parinya Chalermsook, Syamantak Das, Bundit Laekhanukit, Yang P. Liu, Richard Peng, Mark Sellke, Daniel Vaz
SODA 2021

Evolution of Real-world Hypergraphs: Patterns and Models without Oracles (long)
Yunbum Kook, Jihoon Ko, Kijung Shin
IEEE ICDM 2020 (Best paper candidate for KAIS publication)

Incremental Lossless Graph Summarization
Jihoon Ko*, Yunbum Kook*, Kijung Shin
KDD 2020

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